Best Exercises for Pregnant Women: Safe Workouts and Fitness +

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Best Exercises for Pregnant Women: Safe Workouts and Fitness +

Physical activity and exercise are very important for a healthy lifestyle, but if you are a pregnant woman you need to be careful about choosing exercises because this will impact your child's health. Moderate to low intensity workouts are helpful in improving health, weight management, relieving back pain, decreasing constipation and also facilitates in delivery. This is why it is scientifically proven that exercise is beneficial for pregnant women except in complicated pregnancies. But for healthy pregnant women at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week (aerobic) is recommended (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2008). Being active during pregnancy is not only beneficial for mother but also for the baby in womb, because this will increase the blood circulation that will impact child health. Most women have a hard time choosing an exercise, but you don’t need to worry because here we got you covered. 


Swimming is the best physical activity for pregnant women because it is gentle and not too intense. It not only relaxes your body muscles but also helps in reducing the swelling from ankle and foot. If you are sciatic woman, then definitely swimming would be your best option because the baby inside the body releases the tension in the sciatic nerve and relieve the pain. It also helps in reducing the morning sickness and helps in delivery.

Safety tips

Don’t dive into hot water because this will increase the risk of miscarriage by increasing body temperature. Be moderate and don’t go too intense while swimming. Take all precautionary measures to not to get any unwanted situation.


For pregnant women walking is an ideal exercise that can keep you physically fit without causing any harm to baby. Brisk walking is very good because it boosts the heart rate up without causing any impact on knees and ankles. Some women may find it difficult to walk during pregnancy because of body swelling and additional weight, but if you regularly walk for 30 minutes per day you will notice the difference in your body and your daily routine.

Safety tips

Walking is the safest exercise but wear comfortable shoes and choose the plain area to walk to avoid the risk of felling.


Yoga focus is to balance the body, mind and spirit which requires specific body posture and breathing patterns. Yoga also boosts flexibility and induces strength that improves overall health and blood circulation. It helps to relax the tired body muscles and make you feel relaxed. If you have practiced yoga before pregnancy, then it's fine to do while being pregnant but if you haven’t practiced before then its recommended to start in the second trimester. But try to be gentle, and don’t overstretch because that will increase the risk of injury.

Safety tips

Overstretching is not recommended for pregnant women. Lying on back, strong stretches, holding the breath for a longer duration, back bends or lying on stomach, and twisting are not safe poses, so try to not to practice them.


Squats are effective to strengthen the lower body and you should add them to your exercise routine. They provide many benefits to you during delivery and postpartum. Squatting is very important because this opens the pelvis that facilitates in delivery. There are several types of squats that you can practice at home but performing them in the right pose is important. Body weight squats, sumo squats, squats with an exercise ball, squat holding, and chair squats are best for you if you want a less painful delivery.

Safety tips

Don’t stress yourself by adding weights. Try to do in your comfort zone to avoid injury.

Dance or Low impact aerobics

Aerobic exercises are very helpful because they strengthen the body muscles and heart health. They include moderate climbers, slow running or light jogging etc. This helps to reduce stress on joints and maintaining balance. They are also specially designed for pregnant women, so you can find the relevant class and can join that.

Safety tips

Don’t go for skipping, jumping or fast running etc. because that will weaken the pelvic muscle and can cause miscarriage or any other complication. You one foot should remain on the floor.

Take away

Fitness is important either you are pregnant or not, so try to enjoy every phase of life with good health. Don’t stress yourself by doing hard exercises because you are nurturing another life. Stay healthy and enjoy the life.